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IT Support

Ι.Τ. Support (Οutsourcing)

As long as your company responds to the demands of the market the technological approach must equally evolve. In COMPUTER LINK, we work with our customers, listen to their needs, we try to  identify the issues that need improvement in order to manage the change as the final result. We put technology in the ideal place so as to become the ideal tool in your business success.

Mantain your business productivity by ensuring uninterrupted operation of your technological infrastructure.

Help the users of your business equipment to contribute to the seamless operation for the maximum production potential.

Protect your technology leadership by exploiting the security policies.
Ensure the continuous and correct operation of the entire IT (Information Technology) equipment you own and run through the support contracts we offer.

Our Prepaid Support Contracts are the following 4:

1. Standard IT Solution (25 hours prepaid)

2. Silver IT Solution (50 hours prepaid)

3. Gold IT Solution (100 hours prepaid)

4. ΙΤ Support Outsourced (On demand)

What does the contract of technical support offer me.

Immediate response in case of a problem (always dependent on the type of contract).

Preaudit of your system (on site visits or remote supervision).

Priority support versus to customers without a contract and unlimited phone support.

Consulting services in technology issues.

Education of personnel.

Meetings and delivery Report on the activities and proposals for improvement.

How much does a Technical Support contract costs?

The cost of technical support contracts is ultimately very low because I succeed:

  1. Cheapest rates per hour up to 35%
  2. Immediate response

Are you a professional and your time costs money and you expect corresponding treatment?

  • Having experts next to you, who know perfectly your infastructure, and with their knowledge as a valuable tool, they can cover your business needs responsibly, through technology and its development, designing the solution for the next station of the evolutionary course of your business and always taking into consideration your budget and prioritizing your needs.
  • By purchasing the equipment from us and at better prices on a daily basis, we can control and monitor him and through the options of supply and installation we reciprocate the relationship of golden mean cost efficiency in your  business.

Ask us to study your installation, discuss your needs and to plan together your solution. The implementation is given and identified with the designed solution and executed by a team of experienced and certified engineers of our company.